GV Farewells

Last week GV Caloundra farewelled Riccardo, Thomas, Glauteice, Mayra, Fernanda and Aon. The intermediate class decided the best way to farewell their friends was to come to school wearing their pyjamas. The school will be rather quiet now, especially with Riccardo and Thomas leaving… at least we wont have to see them in bikini’s again!

Students also enjoyed dinner out at Velvet Waters Rock ‘n’ Roll Resaurant in Caloundra which for the intermediate class was the prize for winning the Super Class Challenge earlier this month.

We wish all the students best wishes in the future and hope they all keep in touch.

Anja’s trip to Western Australia.

10 days in Western Australia


We arrived in Perth after a really comfortable flight.

Perth is the capital and largest city of Western Australia .The beautiful Swan River runs thru Perth and it is perfect to spend a lot of money. It has a lot of shops, bars and clubs. A very nice place to spend time is in Kings Park.

Rottnest Island

We took the train to Fremantle and then the ferry to Rottnest Island. We hired two bicycles and explored the island by bike. We saw a lot of beaches and the special flora and fauna, also cheeky quokkas, oh they are so cute.

Road trip

On the first day we visited a lot of towns. Our first stop was Mandura. It is a city with restaurants on the wonderful waterfront, perfect for watersport fans.

After Mandura our next stop was Bunbury. A city with a huge beach and lot of small shops and restaurants, eminently was the black and white lighthouse.

Bussulton was the third destination and we saw a great sunset.

In the next few days we visited a lot of places and attractions.

There is a very special place near Augusta, where the Southern Ocean and the Indian ocean meet, it was breathtaking.

The biggest attraction in Pemberton was the national park with the big trees. We climbed up a 60m Tree!

After the high tree we went to a deep cave. Inside the cave was a lake, they act as a mirror of infinite reflections of crystal formations. It was just spectacular.

Greens Pool is a large sheltered rock pool set in William Bay National Park. Nearby the Greens Pool is Elephant Rocks.

Not far away is the Valley of the Giants with the Tree Top Walk. It was totally crazy to walk through the forest that is 40m in height.

Albany is Western Australia’s first European settlement, it was settled in 1826 (three years before Perth). Albany has a lot of restaurants and old houses.

The Torndirrup National Park is close to Albany where you can see spectacular nature. The massive power of the Southern Ocean has created the rock formations of The Gap and Natural Bridge and a crack-line in the granite called the Blowholes noisily shoots air and sprays high into the air.

The next stop was the waves rocks by Hyden. The Wave Rock, a granite cliff, is 15 metres high and 110 metres long.

Our trip was amazing, we had a really good time.

We saw a lot of interesting cities and the nature was gorgeous. Unfortunately it was a bit cold and we couldn’t swim in the ocean. Never mind,  we still had a lot of fun.

Anja Winiger – Intermediate Class


After discovering how much students HATE the much loved spread Vegemite a challenge has been devised.

Tomorrow if you are caught speaking any other language then English by Maddy….

Its a teaspoon of delicious Vegemite for you!

Caloundra Races – Ladies Oaks Day

This Friday is Ladies Oaks Day at Caloundra Racecourse, its a huge event where horse racing and fashion comes together. Admission is $20 and the public bus 603 stops right at the racecourse. This event is always heaps of fun! Dress up in your best clothes and have a little bet on the horses. This day is all about the glamorous ladies but men are more then welcome to come along.

Daniel, Kris and Camillo: Engineers at Work – Living the Dream

Some of our former students, Daniel, Kris and Camillo have been lucky enough to get casual/part-time work at a local Engineering company. It’s been a dream come true for Daniel, Kris and Camillo because as Mechanical and Electrical Engineers they have been lucky enough to work in their chosen profession.

“Having work experience at Fink Engineering is like a dream come true for me. When I left my home country (Brazil) I knew it would be a great opportunity if I could get a job/internal ship in my field, but I also knew that it would be hard . So, when I got the chance at Fink Engineering, I was astonished!
After working here for 3 weeks, I’ve learnt many things. Even though technical English has been a challenge for me, I am getting over it with my work mates helping me all the time.
I know this work experience in Australia will be awesome on my resume. So far, I am more than excited to work with something where I know what I am doing.”

Daniel Artusi.