Sun Finally Shines For Surfing Lesson

Students headed to Kings Beach to have lessons in the popular Aussie sport of Surfing. Students first had to learn how to stand on the surfboards on the sand, this looked very funny to other beach goers! The two Surf Coaches helped students learn how to catch waves and many how to get to their feet and ride a wave. The lessons were so popular, students booked their own the following week.

A BBQ followed the surfing lesson, lucky there were lots of sausages as students had worked up quite an appetite!

For those who are now hooked or who missed out the next group surfing lesson is booked in for Friday the 7th of May, make sure you book so you dont miss out!

Mountains Tour Photos

Earlier this month some lucky students had the opportunity to go on a tour through the Glasshouse Mountains, Lake Baroon, Montville and Kondililla Falls. It rained most of the day but it didnt stop students taking some beautiful photos and having a swim at the falls (even if the water was a bit chilly)

Fraser Island – Long Weekend

The long awaited trip to Fraser Island has come and gone. Seven students left Caloundra Friday afternoon in search of all that Fraser Island has to offer. It was an eventful three days which included some dingoes stealing their breakfast one morning. Most of them have made it to class on Tuesday, a little sun burned and very exhausted.

This Weeks Activities

Wednesday 28th of April

Trivia Time!

Trivia is a fun quiz you do in a group, the questions can be about anything and are sometimes funny. You write your teams answers on a sheet of paper. The team that answers the most questions correctly wins a prize.

The prize for the winning team is a slab of beer!!


Trivia will start at 2.30pm so get a team together and join in the fun.

Friday 30th of April

Soccer Game on the field behind school at 2.30pm. Hopefully the rain will hold off and we can finally have our soccer game!

Surfing Moved to Friday Afternoon

The sun is meant to be shining and the clouds clearing on Friday so surfing has been put off. Still $20 still at 2.30pm and still at King’s Beach! Fingers crossed we can get out on the waves.

Dont forget the FREE BBQ at Kings Beach afterwards at 5pm!

Students Show Brisbane How To Party!

The whole story started at the bus interchange in Caloundra. Everybody was there but Julio missed the bus because in Mexico it is usual if the bus leaves at 8am and everyone takes it 15 minutes later. We’d catch him some stations after. This was one of many funny situations. We arrived in Brisbane with a lot of happiness and fun. As we checked into the Backpackers we went around Brisbane to look for the first best bottle shop. Some minutes later we found a very good one. We bought a bit to drink and went back to the motel. After some glasses of alcohol we’d decided to take the train to the club. After this awesome club called ‘The Family’ we walked home. The girls wouldnt sleep in the other room with the very drunken guys. We were taking the girls mattresses into the elevator and then into our room at 5 o’clock in the morning. After a very short nights sleep we woke up with very hard hangovers. Julio our papparazzi started to take some photos of 7 mattresses instead of 5 in the room. The journey home was quiet from…i think everyone knows why!

All in all it was a very nice Brisbane weekend with lots of wonderful people and a beautiful 20th birthday for me.

Thanks alot.

Kind Regards, 

Thomas Linhuber alias – Linus