Easter Weekend

I know you will all be studying hard over the long weekend and wont be leaving your desks at all… BUT i thought i would let you known that 240V nightclub in Mooloolaba is open all weekend. Thursday night all clubs on the Sunshine Coast will close at Midnight. On Good Friday 240V opens at 11.30pm with a special Easter Bunny Party!

Sunday night is another theme night, you can come dressed in your beach clothes,

Boardshorts, Bikini’s and Thongs.

But we know you’ll be far to busy studying!!!

Have a great Easter!

Mystery Cooking Activity

Mystery Cooking

Wednesday 7th of April at 2.30pm

Ingredients will be supplied, what will you cook?

Ingredients List:

Plain Flour White Sugar
Vegemite Milo
Pasta Tomato Pasta Sauce
Fresh Vegetables Jam
Vanilla Sugar Sweet Chilli Sauce
Eggs Rice
Coconut Cream Cream
Maize Flour Milk
Butter Tasty Cheese
Noodles Brown Sugar
Pineapple Sweet Corn
Tomato Paste Olive Oil
Bread Condensed Milk

These are some ideas I came up with…what ideas will you have?

Pancakes Vegetable Pasta
Coconut Rice Soup
Omelette Vegetable Curry
Steamed Coconut Custard Sweet Chilli Vegetable Burger
Mexican-Style Omelette Corn Fritters

If you would like any of these recipes please see Maddy.

Groups must be booked by the 31st of March (tomorrow!!)

You will be given a type of meal, you then have the week to work out what you will cook.

Remember we only have microwaves and gas cookers to use.

Are you up for the challenge?

Amazing Fraser Island

Trailblazer Tours Fraser Islandtrailblazer toursfraser island3 day safari

Fraser Island is one of Australia’s most precious natural destinations. This carefully protected World Heritage site is the world’s largest sand island with over 100 fresh water lakes, uninterrupted beaches, ancient rainforests, and fascinating flora and fauna.

The best way to really experience Fraser Island is to stay over night. I was lucky enough to join the 2 day 1 night trip over to ‘The Island’. This trip has been specially designed for Global Village students to enjoy the natural beauty of Fraser Island without having to miss any classes. Of course the 3 day tour is also available for students to enjoy that extra night.

To get to Fraser Island Trailblazer’s does a pick up from Noosa in the trusty 4WD Troupie followed by a trip on the Manta Ray barge. If your lucky like me you can see dolphins swimming alongside the barge.

The first stop is Basecamp, otherwise known as luxury camping. Tent style accommodation but with a proper bathroom and roof over your head! All food is provided so there is no need to use the communal kitchen.

The first attraction was Lake Wabby, the emerald lake. A quick drive up the beach and a short walk through the sand dunes brings you to this beautiful fresh water lake. A swim here is a must! Further along the beach is the Maheno Shipwreck, a very interesting story and The Pinnacles, often called the rainbow sands.

Saturday night  a visit to The Beach Hotel is a must, make sure you bring a pen as you can leave a message on the pub walls! Just dont walk back to basecamp alone…i had my first snake encounter!

Day two is an early start with a beautiful rainforest walk, here you can see the biggest tree on the island. It took 7 people to get around it. We then had a swim at Lake Birrabeen, the whitest sand and clearest water you will see!

The drive back to Noosa was along the beach of the North Shore, a perfect way to end the trip. From the dingoes to the white sand everything about Fraser Island is facinating and beautiful. The trailblazers team ensure your trip is an unforgetable one. If you are interested in doing a Fraser trip discount cards are available, further discounts apply if you book as a group of 4, so get some friends together so you dont miss out on the Fraser Island experience.



See Y’a Stephanie, Stefan, Raphael and Philipp

The Intermediate class will be quite a bit smaller on Monday because four students finished this week.

Stephanie is returning to France after studying with us for 6 months and the boys are off to Sydney for a week before they return to Switzerland.

Take care guys and don’t forget to email and read the blog!

We  would also like to say goodbye to two other students who have finished this week , Sonya from the Upper Intermediate class and Seyoung from the Pre-Intermediate class. Best of luck guys.

Byron Bay Trip

Students from GV Caloundra and Noosa will be taking a break in April to blissful Byron Bay.

Byron Bay is an Australian destination well known for its creative, spiritual, and natural beauty.

It is located in Northern New South Wales just south of the Queensland border.  There are many things to see and do.  Activities such as Surfing, Swimming, Amazing Beaches, Sight Seeing, Lighthouse Tour, Sky diving, Kayaking, Markets, Byron Shopping, Street Performances, Live Entertainment, Aura Readings, Creative Art Workshops, Music Festivals, Tranquil Retreats, and Pure Relaxation make up part of the famous Byron Vibe.

Students are invited to share a weekend experience of fun, entertainment, relaxation and adventure.

Anzac Day Long Weekend April 24-26

To book please see Maddy as places are limited.

“Bush Tucker” Delights For Some Elementary Students

On Tuesday some lucky Elementary students attended a Bush Tucker demonstration by renowned indigenous chef Dale Chapman.  Taste testing was a part of the demonstration and on the menu was Emu kabana, Bush Tomato dip, Lili Pili jam, Wild Mint and Bush Tomato cheeses, Lemon Myrtle tea and everyone’s favourite Davidson’s Plum jam drops. Those who attended filled in worksheets and took lots of notes to bring back to the classroom. Students then presented what they had learnt to fellow class mates.