Shall We Dance?

This month, the students in the Upper Intermediate class have had a chance to teach or present something special from their own nationality to their classmates. This week Thata taught her classmates how to dance. If you look closely you will see that Thata is teaching her teacher how to dance. Does Andy pass the test Thata?

Jason’s Moving On

I’ve been in Australia for four months now. Caloundra is the place where I have been living, so, since it is the first place for me I think  I’ll remember everything that I have experienced, it has been a really meaningful time for me. Honestly, I don’t have any idea about the rest of Australia, so I would like to write about me.

I remember the day when I arrived in Caloundra and went to GV for the first time. It wasn’t easy for me because I was trying to adopt to my new life here, an unfamiliar environment and my new school, it was a little confusing. I was a little afraid of speaking English, which added to my problem, but I overcame that once I started to hang out with my classmates.

My first class was the Pre-Intermediate class, which was lucky for me because there was only one other Korean student in that class, so I had the chance to practise speaking and improve my listening. What also helped was that I stayed at the Backpackers for 3 months and it was full of people of various nationalities who became friends and helped teach me English. Both places helped me improve my speaking and listening. Most Koreans want to practise speaking and improve their listening rather than studying grammar and improve their vocabulary because they study that in Korea. That’s why I like it here. Now I have a lot of friends here and most of them are foreigners. I can write and express pretty much everything I want to say and I’m no longer tone-deaf.

I’m really satisfied with my life here and I like Caloundra, GV, the teachers and all my friends but it is time to leave and go to another city. I wish I’ll have an equally good time there like I’ve had in Caloundra. I believe that once I decide to do something and try to actually do it, anything is possible. If I have a positive attitude I can make it work!

Thank you for your consideration, hospitality and everything.

Jason ( Jung Hyun Sung) Intermediate class.

My Stay In Australia and GV Caloundra – Andre Conrad

The first time I thought about a language stay was last summer. I was in the army and noticed that I needed a change. At that time, I didn’t expect it to  be the best decision in my whole life! I chose Caloundra because it promised me what I was searching for: A good school with professional teachers, a beautiful landscape with amazing beaches and some night life.  What I found here, however, was more than I expected. Thanks Global Village because my English has improved a lot. Every sunny, cloudless day at the beach was a dream.   I have made a lot of new friendships from all over the world and I’ve had the best home stay imaginable. Actually, I don’t think of them as  home stay parents anymore. I call them mum and dad now. They cooked for me, cleaned my room, introduced me to friends, took  me to theme parks, helped me with my homework and watched movies with me. The deep relationship we have built,  in the last three months, has been unbelieveable…and I’m sure it will be preserved in the future. Now my time is over, so, of course I’m sad but I’ve had the time of my life! Thank you ESL, thank you Global Village, thank you Australia.

Andre Conrad – (Intermediate Class)

Mike’s Outing

On the 16th of January, I went to Noosa Heads. I started my journey at 8.30am and it took about 12 hours.

It’s a long trip from Caloundra to Noosa Heads. I ate my lunch in Coolum Beach and continued my journey. There are many hills along the coast. It’s very beautiful.

I arrived in Noosa Heads at 2.30 pm. I took pictures in front of the Noosa Cinema and then I took a rest for a bit.

On the way  back to Caloundra, I went to Mooloolaba to see the beautiful beach. There were many fishing boats and people fishing at the beach.

I had a good day. I would like to go to Noosa again, but I’ll travel by bus not by bike.  It’s too tiring!

(Mike – Ke Ming LIU- Elementary Class)

Student Testimonial: Stefan Gasser

Name: Stefan Gasser

School: GV Caloundra

Stefan came to GV Caloundra on the 9th of January 2010 to escape the cold European winter. He decided to study English after a friend’s recommendation; he heard that Australia was a good place and had long summers. He chose to study at the Caloundra campus as it was central to other locations of interest to him such as Noosa and Brisbane.

Stefan’s teacher at GV Caloundra is Peter who he says is a very good teacher. He finds that he explains things very well and gives good examples, especially with grammar. Being in class with other students has allowed him to meet lots of different people from all over the world.

While studying in at GV Stefan has been staying with a host family in Little Mountain. This is a little far from the campus but he says his host family is so good to him that he doesn’t want to change. He describes his experience with them as fun as they have taken him wakeboarding and he joined them in a big birthday party for his 6-year-old host sister.

While Stefan has been doing very well academically he has also enjoyed socializing and the nightlife on the Sunshine Coast. He says maybe he goes out a little too much but only because the people in Australia are very different and much funnier. He also has had the goal to visit somewhere every weekend to discover areas around the Sunshine Coast. So far he has been to Moreton Island where he saw dolphins and has a plan to go the famous Great Barrier Reef and Sydney when he finishes his studies. Otherwise he goes to the beach nearly every day after class as he finds the beaches around Caloundra very beautiful.

When he finishes his studies and returns home he hopes to become a policeman, although he finds Australia so nice he wishes he could stay longer. He would recommend studying at Caloundra to anyone who doesn’t like big cities as it is quiet and relaxing, and that’s just the way he likes it.

This Week’s Activities

Lawn Bowls Afternoon

Wednesday 24th of February at 2.30pm

Caloundra RSL Bowls Club

Admission: $2 includes bowls hire and coaching

Teams of up to 4 people

Please book by 11am on the 24th of February

Bar facilities will be open.

TGI Friday

Thank God it’s Friday!

Celebrate the end of a busy week by heading down to Kings Beach to play some beach games.

Games include beach cricket, soccer and bat tennis

Bring along any other sporting equipment that you wish to play.

Eumundi Market

Saturday 27th of February

$15 return trip

To be paid to Maddy by Friday the 26th

Meet at 8.30am, bus departs at 8.45am

The Eumundi Market is a must see attraction on the coast. The market showcases local artists, crafts, traditional massage, street performers, musicians, tarot readings and a diversity of food set amongst a relaxing and tranquil atmosphere.

Beach Volleyball Photo’s

Friday’s Sausage Sizzle and beach volleyball game was a big hit with many students enjoying the barbecued “snags” and game on King’s Beach. The volleyball game attracted many spectators and provided plenty of entertainment with some long rallies and big dives in the sand.

Thanks to everyone who came along!