A Snapshot of Friday 29th January

This is what some of the students got up to after class  friday.Katrin (Upper-Intermediate) surfed the net while Evelyn (FCE) completed some listening exercises.Philipp and Stefan (Pre-Intermediate) had a game of pool.Marco (FCE) and Andre (Intermediate) played table tennis.Stephanie, Saskia and Raphael took a ‘level-up’ test to be promoted to the Intermediate class.

Lunch Time Farewell

We would like to say good bye and good luck to Gwen and Aaron, our Upper-Intermediate and Intermediate teachers. Eventhough, they were with us only for a short time they made a great contribution to the team.

The pictures below were taken at the ‘farewell lunch’ they organized for their classes. It was the last day for some of the students as well; Bettina, Julie, Melissa, Thiago, Sebi (Sebastian) and Camilo. Take care guys.

Jobs and Share Accommodation

1.     You may have already heard that Thata’s boss is looking for some cleaners (casual positions) so if you’re interested see Thata personally or me. The job is in the middle of Caloundra and not far from the campus.

2.     There are also other job desciptions / vacancies  listed in my office in Mooloolaba and Maroochydore.

3.     I have some information about Share Accommodation in Caloundra, Kings Beach and Moffat Beach on the board as well. Be quick if you are interested!

Thanks for the tip Thata.

Gold Coast Trip

This is what Elodie and Marco had to say about the Noosa-Caloundra Gold Coast Trip.

“It gave me an opportunity to get to know all the students on the trip quite well. As a new student it was a good way to break the ice and feel comfortable around the other students.” (Elodie)

“Not only was it a perfect way for students to mix and to make other International friends, we stuck together the whole time. We were a real group of friends. What I really liked about the trip was the way the ‘night – club’ night was organised. We went to four different clubs on the same night. It was huge!” (Marco)

Thanks for the photos Marco.

Australia Day – Afternoon Activities

After an unusual start to our day today, students participated in a number of activities that were based on Australia /Australia Day. Students moved from class to class to sample a variety of educational activities. Each session lasted 10 minutes and included; Aussie Slang, Tongue Twisters and Colloquialisms, An Aussie Game Show, Crosswords and wait for it … “Prepostions”. I was a little surprised by the last choice but it was requested and we do aim to please!

Australia Day Breakfast

Thanks to all the students and teachers who joined in our Australia Day breakfast.

Prizes were awarded to Charles and Selina for the “Most Australian PJs”. House mates, Katrin and Stephanie picked up the prizes for the “Prettiest PJs” and the “Sexiest PJs” respectively.  Julio won the “Cutest PJs” and Evelyn was given a prize for the “Most Imaginative”.

If we were to award another prize,  it would be to Anne-Sophie for the most imaginative use of Milo.