Exclusive GV Fraser Island Trip

Did you know that FRASER ISLAND is only 2 hours from Noosa?

Global Village runs 3-day self-drive camping trips to the island EVERY FRIDAY.

Experience the largest and most beautiful sand island in the world.  Drive along 75-mile beach, swim in stunning Lake McKenzie, spot whales, dingoes and manta rays.  Spend the first night at a beach campsite, and the second night at an Aboriginal campsite with a campfire, hot showers and didgeridoo lessons.

Cars seat 8 people, and need at least one driver, who must be over 21.  Only $199 per person, including all camping and cooking equipment, fees, permits and ferry tickets.

Meet people and have fun on Fraser.  Just see Loris for more information and to make your booking.

Where are they now – Jose and Angela?

Angela and Jose left Australia early this year after having studied with us for 34 weeks. They are back in Colombia enjoying themselves and playing hosts to lots of visitors. Andy and his family visited them in Colombia last April which was a wonderful experience for all of them, especially since, Jose and Angela were able to share all their favourite places and ‘food’.  Andrea and Steve caught up with them recently as well and judging by their photo they must have had a great time together.  Angela said that although they love their country very much, the food, music and lovely scenery, they would dearly love to return to Australia, hopefully next year.  See you when you get here guys!DSCN3574DSCN3233DSCN3228

Caloundra Master Chef

What a wonderful demonstration of cooking skills by Cindy, Brij and Julio. They were brilliant and turned out superb dishes while the rest of the students cheered them on and helped themselves to the sausages at lunch.

The judges had a hard time choosing the winner, Julio, who prepared a four course meal. Congratulations Julio! Brij and Cindy, well done. Julio was reluctant to accept his prize and has asked to share it with his fellow competitors. What a guy!

Movie Mania Hits GV Caloundra!

Inspired by the students at our school in Brisbane, our Upper Intermediate students decided to make short films.

If you watch the movies, you will  have to agree they have all done such a wonderful job, considering that they only had one week to think, plan, write, direct and edit their films! We hope these films will be the first of many. The genre they selected this time was  “murder”. Who knows what’s next! A special thanks to Becky who gave us the idea, Nathalie, who worked so hard with her class and of course the students at GV Brisbane.

Michele and Leonardo: Where are they now?

Michele Leonardo

Michele and Leonardo started studying at GV Caloundra in November 2008 and finished in April 2009.

They came as friends but soon love blossomed.

They had a great time studying and travelling to various parts of Australia and just before they left, they had a quick look at New Zealand which they really enjoyed.

Michele told me the only down side to her stay here was having to leave a lot of her clothes behind at the airport because she had shopped too much!

They are currently in Brazil and have managed to find jobs there.

Michele is working for Johnson and Johnson; she was thrilled to get her job because she had her interview in English.

Leonardo has found a job as a Manager and according to him, he is “working like a dog!”

Well done guys and keep in touch.