NRL Night!!!

Global Village Caloundra students have the opportunity to sign up to see the Brisbane Broncos Vs South Sydney Rabbitos in premier seating at Suncorp Stadium!!!!!!!!!broncosThe event will take place on Friday the 17th July. Students will depart Global Village Caloundra at approx 4:00pm and will return to Global Village Caloundra at around 10:00pm. Limited places available…

Please see Cassie at activities to book your place!!!!!!!!!!

GV Photo Competition 2009

We are getting some great shots in for the competition, as you can see from the random selection below. If you haven’t entered yet, or would like to submit MORE photos, it’s not too late. Get out there with your cameras and get creative!

GV Photo Competition Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions that a lot of students ask when we have run the GV Photo Competition in the past.

sunset in noosa village(2)
Entry by Jun Yong Eom from GV Noosa

What resolution do the photos need to be?
– The photos need to be in high resolution. Preferrably the files need to be between 1.5MB and 3.5MB.

How many photos can I send in?
– You can submit as many photos as you like.

What if I finish my course before the end of the competition? Can I still enter?
– If you are going to finish your course before the end of the competition, you can absolutely submit photos. If you are the winner, you will still receive your prize.

Is it alright if I send the photos through compressed in a .zip file?
– No problem at all. If you are sending multiple photos, it is a perfect way to submit them in one email.

What file type should I send them as?
– The best file format is .jpg

What in my photo will make me win?
– The photo that will win, will stand out from the rest. It must show creativity, good use of lighting and capture the meaning of the category it is submitted in.

When do I know if I won?
– The winner will be notified on the blog after the competition has finished.

What do I win?
– The grand prize winner will receive a return flight to Sydney. There are also smaller prizes for the winners of each category.