Easter Snap Shots


First of all, I would like to thank all the wonderful volunteers who helped make our Easter BBQ such a successful afternoon. You were great and without your enthusiasm and fabulous cooking skills our party would not have been as enjoyable. Quite a few of you have asked about the photos taken that day; So  enjoy! p31402711p3140262p31402291p3140209p3140249

GV Byron Bay officially opens

Global Village English Centres welcomed a new addition to the Australian side of the family this week with the official opening of GV Byron Bay!




GV Byron Bay is located in one of the most popular beach resort locations on the Australian coast, about 90 minutes south of Brisbane or about 40 minutes south of the Gold Coast. The school has opened with a great group of students from all over the world. If you’d like to know more about GV Byron Bay, check out http://gvenglish.com/english/schools/byronbay/ .

Where’s Andy?

andy1We are back in sunny California after traveling through Arizona, Utah and Nevada. At the start of our journey we got used to deserts and wide open spaces and we were expecting some sun and heat like you see on the cowboy films. What we got was snow. Snow at the Grand Canyon, Snow at Monument Valley in Arizona. Snow traversing the badlands of Utah. And snow when we re-entered California at King’s Beach, Lake Tahoe (see picture). We literally got ‘cold feet’ about driving any further north and going to Canada. Instead we have spent time exploring around San Francisco and we are now on our way back to LA before going to Colombia on April 23. We will catch up with Jose and Angela and also Maria while we are in Bogota.andy3 The photo below was taken at Kings Beach at Lake Tahoe with snow in the back ground.
Andy and Family

Afternoon Activities – Forro dance class

p22002002p30602022Gui from the Upper Intermediate class thought it would be fun to teach some of the other students at GV to ‘samba’, so with a little bit of help from Lina he had evryone dancing in no time. It turned out to be a popular activity and judging  by all the excitement, music and laughter I could hear from my office it was a fun aftternoon. p3060203Let’s do it again!