Andy Alert!

p10000691Our travels so far have included Bali and some neighbouring islands and now the USA. Strangely, I feel more culture shock going to the US than I do going to Bali. I guess its because I’ve been to Bali many times, but never to the USA. Bali was a great place to take the family. Everyday we went swimming, did lots of walking and relaxing. We also got to eat heaps of great Indonesian food. The fresh fish is just great any way the Balinese prepare it. Our travels in the USA started at 11:10am, 16 March with a 14.5 hour flight to Los Angeles (kids didn’t sleep, just watched movies, played games and enjoyed all the in-flight freebies). We arrived in LA at 7:40am on March 16 and had a big day in a totally new country. We had 2 Mondays – 1 flying to LA and another in LA. Last week was filled with Disney fun – 2 days at each Disney theme park, followed by a trip to San Diego Zoo and Seaworld. (I think Seaworld on the Gold Coast is better actually). We are now recovering from our adventures in Huntington Beach near LA. On Friday (27 March) we are renting an RV (motorhome) to experience the true America (and to experince driving on the wrong side of the road). We hope to visit the Grand Canyon, Death Valley, then go north to Vancouver, Canada before turning south to follow the west coast to San Francisco and finally LA. At the end of April we fly to Bogota.p10000681If you want to contact us please use this email address: Regards Andy and family

QUIZ – How well do you know GV Caloundra?

The first student to answer these questions correctly wins a prize.


 Answer the questions in the comment section. Make sure you include your name.



  1. Who teaches the Elementary class on Friday?
  2. What is GIL?Who can apply for a holiday and how much notice is needed?
  3. When can you ‘level up’?
  4. How many new students joined us this week?
  5. What are their names?
  6. What is the ‘10 minute’ rule?
  7. How many teachers live in Maleny?
  8. What is the name of the person who runs the ‘Bean Busy’ café?
  9. Who do you see if the wireless system is down? (Hint – not Patty.)
  10. How do you borrow a DVD at GV?
  11. Write at least 6 activities you can do during break/lunch time
  12. Name at least seven different nationalities of students who attend GV?
  13. What activity has been organized for Friday afternoon on the 20th of March?
  14. Name five things you could do around Caloundra this weekend? (Staying at home , watching a DVD or listening to music are not acceptable answers.)
  15. Name three local tourist attractions you could visit.
  16. Which teacher sings or has sung professionally?
  17. Which teacher was born in Queensland?
  18. Name the two closest swimming beaches to GV.
  19. When is the Gold Coast excursion?




And the winner is …Lina.

Lina has won two tickets to go to the movies.

1. Natalie

2. Guide Indivisual Learning

3. Students who have a student visa may take one week of holiday for every twelve weeks of study.

4. When students have improved their English in the level they are studying in they can get  a ‘level up’ if they are recommended by their teacher, even if they haven’t  finished the whole book. You can get a ‘level up’ in week 4, 8 and 8.

5. 5 Students.

6. Christina, Monica, Lucas, Vanessa, Rammy

7. If you are late 10 minitues after class starts you can’t participate class. You have to wait until after the break.

8. Sue, Stephanie

9. Michelle Charkson

10. Chis Hill

11. Choose the DVD and then write down your name on the list that is hanging on the wall in Patty’s office

12. Play pingpong, play billiards, play playstation,
play volley ball, play Board games, watch DVDs and surf the net.

13. Korea, Japan, Brazil, Switzerland, India, Colombia, France, Nepal, Polish

14. Sport days; Volley ball. Karaoke

15. Surf at the beach, sun tan at the beach, shopping at the Sunshine Plaza, look around the Sunday market, learn how to surf or kite surf, go to the cinema, have a BBQ.

16. Austrailia Zoo, Dream world, White water world, Eumundi Market, Glass house Mountains.

17. Matt, Stephanie and Sue

18. No one.

19.  Kings Beach and Moffat Beach

20. 28th March

After Class Activities

Most of you would have had the opportunity to meet Cass today. Cass will be visiting us once a week on Wednesday to organise student activites and excursions. Please feel free to discuss any ideas/suggestions you may have with her, she would love to help you if she can.

This is what we have planned for the after class activities next week. They will start ay 2.30 and run for an hour until 3.30.

Monday – Movie and popcorn. Be prepare to be scared!

Tuesday – Sayaka from the Intermediate Class will teach us how to do some ORIGAMI.

Wednesday – Matt will give an informal talk on surfing skills. Sorry guys, it will be here on campus not at the beach. Private or group surf lessons can be organised, see Cass for details.

Thursday – Scabble (Board Games)

Friday – Volley Ball (Weather permitting.)

Just doing my bit to help the economy…

Australia is ‘Fine’p2080195


  I’ve lived in Australia for about 6 months and Caloundra is my first City. So I have had several experiences as expected. First, I worked at a Crab factory, then a cherry farm and finally a restaurant.  I rented a flat  and everything was going well. I had to buy a car for my work because I had to go to Young, in New South Wales to work on the cherry farm. I bought it from a used car dealer and it has run well until now. After I arrived at the farm successfully it was time for me to earn money to pay for my English classes at GV Caloundra.

  One day, while I was working at the farm, I received a letter from the Queensland Government. I thought it was a prize from there. No such luck! It was a speeding fine. Oh, but not one fine,  there were 2 fines. So, I lost $200 because of speeding. J

  After that I returned to Caloundra and started studying. Things were going well, until one day when I received a letter from the New South Wales Government! OMG. Of course it was a speeding fine from Sydney where I had stopped just for one night.  It cost $250 for that one fine. It was unavoidable, because it was my fault (or my partner’s who drove my car with me). So, I lost my money again to the Australian Tax Office. J

  A few days later, I went to Brisbane to pick my friend up at the airport. So, wanting to do the right thing,  I parked my car and paid for the parking. However, I was late for just a minute and there was a ticket from the Brisbane City Council.  Luckily, it was cheaper than before. It was only $120. J

  That’s not the end. I have to pay another fine of $230 for my rental house because a coffee table was damaged by an anonymous person who lived there during the time I was working at the farm. I tried to explain this to the owner of my flat, but it didn’t work. It’s still my responsibility. J

  So, I’ve spent $900 in fines. It’s funny, isn’t it? I’ve spent a lot, but I think it has been a good lesson for me. I’ll never speed and never be late and never rent a house on my own! 


A note from Andres

pb2800582Going to Australia has been one of the most exciting experiences that I’ve ever had in my life. It was an experience that opened my mind and made me more self-reliant and of course, it will last forever!


When I first got to Caloundra, I felt like I was on holiday because of the exuberant beach landscape there.   Actually it was the greatest vacation I’ve ever had!

At the beginning, it was a little frustrating because I couldn’t catch any thing people said and I felt that all the years I had been studying English before were useless. Then, it was such a big surprise when at the placement interview with Patty, she told me that I had a very strong American accent, because the funny thing was that it had been several years since I finished Uni and I hadn’t been able to practice my English in a fluent and native environment . To me, my English was a little rusty and it was a perfect opportunity to dust off all my knowledge and put everything I knew to the test and into practice, because learning to speak a language is something that you never stop doing. And I learned so much! The fact that I had a good foundation of the language gave me the chance to focus on grammar and the things I wanted to improve such as my listening and speaking; and I feel that I did.  At least, now I can understand most of what Aussies say and I felt confident enough to talk to someone without feeling embarrassed. I understood that mistakes are part of the process and through them, my English gets better and better. Likewise, the city was great, too. Despite it being a small city,  I think that Caloundra is a nice place to live in. It has great beaches, and the people’s warmth is unique there, it’s a safe place and the weather is good most of the time. I’d definitely recommend Caloundra as a first start in Australia.


Finally, I must say that I had a wonderful time with you guys at GV, I had the chance to make a lot of friends and be in beautiful places. As I said before, it will be something that I would hardly forget and something that I’m eager to repeat. Thank you Patty (I miss “class-time with the guys”) and all GV’s staff for everything. I encourage you to carry on with this good work you’re doing and hope to see you in the near future.



The first Aussie I ever met…

p13101931How I met Florence, the first aussie I ever met….


I wanted a change of life… So we decided to come here, that is, all my family: my partner and my 3 children.

We added another person, because stories are better if we don’t experience them alone!

So, Tessa, a German girl who is our “au-pair” came along.

I started this project one year before coming here.

First, I found a house we could rent in Golden Beach, then I tried to find schools for my children and myself.

My first phone call in English was to Caloundra Kindergarten.

I was excited and scared because I thought my English wasn’t good enough!

I prepared a lot of questions but I wasn’t able to send them by e-mail because I didn’t find an e-mail address. I just had a phone number but when I called the number I had, a man answered: I was so frightened I started to talk to him in French!

His answer was, “wait, wait, wait, I’ m gonna find Florence.”

After 2 minutes a woman, called Florence, spoke to me in perfect French: “My name is Florence, I’m an Aussie but I was born in France, and my parents are French. How can I help you?” (All in French, of course!)

All my stress was gone! I was happy to find a person who was able to understand me! But my first question was: “I’ve called Australia, are you really in Australia?” “YEP,” was the reply. “I’ m trying to phone Caloundra Kindergarten, do you work there?” “NOPE,” Florence replied, “you actually phoned my house, because the Caloundra Kindergarten phone number is now my phone number! I live in Golden Beach, near Caloundra, if you want, I can help you.”

We exchanged e-mail addresses, but by phone, and because she spelt her e-mail address in English I wasn’t able to send anything!!!!

Later I phoned Florence and got her address again and after that I emailed her a lot; we exchanged photos, ideas and thoughts through out that year!

Florence became my first Aussie friend, and my first Internet friend!

You know, the best is, now she is my neighbour, here in Golden Beach! She lives just 3 streets away!

She gives me a lot of her time and her happiness!

She is always ready to help me.

She is MY FRIEND and I will miss her and her family so much when I go back!



Moon Ki farewells GV Caloundra

When I arrived at GV for the first time, everything was strange and was different from what I had thought. Lots of people in our class were Korean so that  wasn’t helpful for me. But it was a good opportunity to make up my mind to study hard and to speak only English.  As a result, I was able to move to the Intermediate class. I was really pleased due to studying with many foreign friends and being able to hang out with them. I had a really good time in that class. The more I paid attention to class, the better my english became. My teacher(Andy) usually told  me, “that I was his pet.” (It describes a  person who follows their teacher very well.)  Fortunately I moved class again to the Upper Intermediate. I can say that the Upper Intermediate class was the loveliest class: lovely teacher, lovely friends. I used to enjoy many extra activities such as going fishing, having a barbecue and so on. I did love coming to school to meet my friends, so much, that I wasn’t  absent at all since I started studying. Today I graduate from this lovely school with lots of good memories. I will miss everything. Thanks GV.p2010194-moon-ki