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Photo Competition – Enter Now!

GV Caloundra, Noosa and Brisbane campuses are having a huge photo competition.  Get your entries in for a chance to win great prizes!

Photos can be entered under any one of the following categories:

My Global Village

My Caloundra

My Australian Home 

Entries are open from October 20th and the competition runs until November 28th.

Please enter your photos with your name and class to:      You can enter as many times as you like.                     


Overall Winner: 3 day Southern Great Barrier Reef Trip


People’s Choice Winner: Scenic Sunshine Coast Flight


Category Winner: Prizes for the winners of each category.


Winners will be announced at the Tri-School Soccer Championship, Caloundra on 5th December 2008.                   


‘Get out there and start shooting’!  

Evan is off. So is Nanako.

Evan, the man many women have fallen for in the past weeks has finished at GV Caloundra. Also Nanako delivered a delicious cup cake she made and told me that she is going back to Japan on Saturday. We will miss both of you and want to hear from you soon.


Cintia loved Caloundra, but it’s time to move on.


(PICTURES: Cintia at the front of the Esky holding a drink and (right) Cintia with a glass of wine.)


First I’d like to tell you that it was a pleasure to study here and also to meet everyone here.

I really enjoyed GV Caloundra.

Caloundra, for me, is like a paradise… I magic place to make friends and relax.

Of course while I was here I improved my English a lot, but also I learned how I can live with different people with different cultures.

I also learned things about myself: to be patient, relax and enjoy life.

I will really miss everyone here!!! My family in Australia!!!

Thanks for everything!!!

Cintia Bembibre

 To contact me:

Cintia is planning to do further studies in Australia. GV Caloundra staff and students wish her luck. 

Cesar gets praise for a job well done

Cesar (pictured) worked at a local mushroom farm last Saturday. This is the feedback I received from Wade from Men @ Work

Dear Andy,


Thought you might want to know. I just received excellent feedback from our client about Cesar for work he did for us on Saturday. Said he wants to use him again the next time he needs workers.

I will keep you informed when I will use him again.

Kind regards,

Wade Ambrose

Sales Consultant Men @ Work

Four students leave and the whole school is sad


(Pictures: Renat the Romantic, Diana the Shopaholic, Coco the Optimist and Aki the Surfer)

Last Friday was graduation day for 4 of our students. While we are always sad to see students go, it is particularly sad when we lose people who have been here for a long time. Diana from Colombia and Renat from Russia had been with us for about 30 weeks and were amongst the elders in the GV Caloundra family.

We also said goodbye to Coco from Taiwan and Aki from Japan who were both in Pre Intermediate A Class – the class is not quite the same without Coco’s great smile and Aki’s great enthusiasm.