Choosing a career – do you agree with these students?

Patty set her class a writing assignment and she was so impressed by the work the students produced that she asked them if they would like to have their work published on the school’s blog. So please read and feel free to leave a comment.


“You choose not only your career; you choose your future. A wrong choice can’t ruin your life, you can always change everything and start once again, but it is better not to make a mistake. Choose your career very carefully. Remember, no one can do this for you. It’s your future; it must be your choice from your own hand. Parents must understand and support their children. Parents can help you to choose your way, but they can’t push you against yourself.”


Choosing a career is a personal decision that has to be based on your own interests. However it is important that you listen to other people’s opinion, your parents, friends, teachers from high school and everyone that you consider important to you. When you think that you have heard enough go somewhere and spend some time with your thoughts and put your ideas in order and make your own decision.”



Ken is back in Japan, but his adventure continues.

To everyone especially my classmate.
I promised I would send a message about Deserted Island in Japan.

I went to Deserted Island between 15th and 17th of August.

There were no machines.  The light was the Sun not a lamp, fire was from wood not gas and my food was from nature not from  a supermarket.

The day went something like this: wake up, hunt something to eat, eat, take a nap, hunt something to eat, eat, drink alcohol, go to bed (in my tent)…

It was a really simple life, so I could feel that I was alive. Also the natural seafood was amazing!! Please see my photo.
I was wild man, wasn’t I? HAHAHA

From 2 September, I’m going to a big mountain in Japan which is called “Sword Mountain”.
It’s really dangerous, also really exciting!!

Anyway I’m continuing my adventure.  I think it will never ended until I die, because my motto is “no emotion – no life”.

I feel that Australian life was like a dream, but it was real. Sometimes I look my Australian photos to remember my yime at GV Caloundra.

I’m looking forward to seeing you again.
Good Luck in our life! Thanks for my friends.

KEN (former student of Patty’s Intermediate Class) 


South Americans make a huge difference in local soccer team

Pictured: Ricardo, Cesar and Leonardo

Brazil and Colombia have made history in Caloundra.

For the first time in history the Caloundra Soccer Team have qualified in the finals in The Sunshine Coast Soccer Competition. And we think that our students have helped to make it happen for the local team.


RICARDO B GUERRA, a 24 year old from Brazil, has scored an amazing 32 goals in 14 games and received The Best Player of the Competition. This has given Ricardo the opportunity to be part of the Queensland Team that competes against international clubs in Brisbane in October.

LEONARDO MACHADO, a 25 year old Brazilian, exhibits fantastic technical skill on the field and accurate passing. After excelling in the Caloundra team he has been invited to join the Sunshine Coast Selection.

CESAR PIEDRAHITA, 24 of Colombia, displayed typical South American power when he kicks and helped to give the Caloundra Team the best frontline in the competition. Cesar had the good fortune to score the first goal in the last match of the competition.

Keep up the great work boys!

Shopping Therapy is Universal


Last month, I had the pleasure of joining Diana and Alex on their shopping adventures. The first outing was to the Sunshine Plaza and then to Mooloolaba where we eventually had lunch ay an Italian Bistro. We had such a lot of fun together that we decided to plan another shopping trip to Chermside two weeks later, which was even more enjoyable. We had another memorable day, trying outfits on, deciding what to buy and generally being girls and a little silly. Diana even had her make up done. By the end of the day, one of us did some major damage to our credit cards. (Take a look at the photos and try to guess, it isn’t difficult.)


The girls really impressed me with their effort to speak English all day I think that they were pleasantly surprised also. Diana was able to order lunch for us all on her own and Alex was delighted when she realised how much she understood when she spoke to the various sales staff at the stores we visited.

I was proud of both of them because their English has improved immensely. Well done and one last thing girls, thank you for lunch!!!


Patty Thomas.

Sad farewell to graduating students

This week was quite emotional for our teachers and students as we said “Bon Voyage” to 5 students.

Ken, from Japan, (pictured in front in traditional Japanese clothing) has been at GV for 24 weeks and has had many adventures in Australia including climbing in the Glasshouse Mountains and travelling to Cairns. We also said goodbye to Miyuki from Pre Intermediate B and Min from Elementary who were with us for 17 weeks. Myron, the grammar expert, will be missed from the Intermediate Class. Sophie, a great student from Korea will be missed from Pre Intermediate A. As always, we wish them happines and hope they will keep in touch.

Sakura group hit the beach

Yesterday was a fantastic day for Sakura teens to visit Kings Beach, Caloundra (about 15 minutes walk from the campus). Firstly they were given a talk on safety by the local lifeguards, then they plunged into the crystal clear water and played amongst the waves. To warm up at the end of the day Global Village treated them to some salty hot chips. A great day was had by everyone.