Students sing their hearts out at CBX

Last Thursday a load of students went to CBX in the main street of Caloundra for a night of karaoke. Initially only a few students were interested in singing, but after a drink to relax their voices they really got into it. 

Karen was the judge for the night and awarded prizes to SEAN for the BEST MALE VOCALIST and SORI for the BEST FEMALE SINGER(pictured top left).   CATALINA, ANGELA and ADRIANA took out the BEST GROUP EFFORT (pictured second photo above). Everyone had a great night and most students turned up to class the following morning, even if they did have hangovers. Let’s do it again soon!

Sakura Tour is in full swing

This week we welcomed young Japanese girls and boys on the Sakura Tour. They have a separate class taught be Sue. Sue is also takeing them on interesting afternoon activities including canoeing on the Maroochy River, a tour of the beautiful green Sunshine Coast hinterland, a swim at Kings Beach and a visit to Australia Zoo to see koalas, kangaroos and crocodiles.

News from Lisa in Switzerland

Dear  friends and students. I returned to Switzerland 2 month ago. It’s very nice here, but not the same like in Australia. I miss all the students, teachers (yes Patty, its true, I even miss the gramar-lessons;-) ) and all the nice things all day.
I work now for the biggest insurance company in Switzerland. This company is in Zurich, the biggest city in Switzerland as well. It is a very interesting job, but all is new and the building is so big and now it is summer in Switzerland, but the weather is not very nice and we haven’t been to the beach.
The pictures are from the last weekend-trip to the west of Switzerland. It is a very nice place with mountains and a lake. The other picture is from the biggest waterfall in Europe. It is very close to my house, maybe 5 minutes away.
I hope, I will see somebody from my school some time in Switzerland. It’s a nice country:-)))
See you and take care. A big hug from Switzerland for you.                     Lisa

We say thank you to Kimpo and Kimpo says thank you too

Pictures from top left: Girls using icypole sticks to eat noodles for breakfast. Dion, the lifeguard explains where to swim. Students check out a jetski. The view from the lifeguards’ tower. Group photo with Dion. Students preparing Thank You Cards

Despite a rather wet day today we did manage to visit the lifeguards at Kings Beach, Caloundra. We were given an informative presentation by Dion the resident lifeguard, got to check the rescue equipment and visit the lifeguard tower that overlooks the beach.

Some students chose to do some shopping after our beach trip that while others came back to the college to start on their Thank You cards to present to their homestay parents. Many of the Kimpo students also gave their Aussie teachers some gifts to remember them by. 

On behalf of Global Village Caloundra and the teachers and Jeremy and Ian, I would like to thank each of the students and especially Mr. Heo for making this a wonderful tour. I hope we see more Kimpo students and teachers in the future. Thanks also to Clark from GO4U, Brisbane.

Thanks also to our regular international students for welcoming the Kimpo students into their classes and for being such good “big sisters and brothers” to these very enthusiatic youn students.

Andy Tuttle       Academic Director     Global Village Caloundra

Elementary Class go treasure hunting in Bulcock Street

Picture: Jennifer, Sue, Noriko, Adreyan, Hana, Andrea, Kyohei, Suguru, Sophie, Jennifer and Louis

Sue’s Elementary Class did a treasure hunt in the main street of Caloundra earlier this week. They had a number of tasks to do. For example, they had to find information from the council chambers, learn how to join the library, research job information at Centrelink and find out where to get the best coffee.

Unfortunately Noriko (in the pink t-shirt) leaves GV Caloundra to return to Japan this Friday.

Also leaving this week is Tobias from Pre Intermediate A. He will spend one month doing the Barista at Cadet then return to Zurich, Switzerland to work in a Wine and Grill Restaurant. For more information on Barista visit Cadet International College at

Trade Secrets visit for Intermediate students

Last week Patty’s Intermediate class studied about the success of IKEA furniture shops. To extend their knowledge Patty decided to take her students to one of the most popular fashion shops of recent times: TRADE SECRET. Thier shop on the Sunshine Coast is located at Kawana. Looking at the pictures you can see how much fun they had and how much they learned by touring this huge shop with Patty as their guide.

Tour students meet the local wildlife

On Thursday, 17 July the visiting Kimpo students travelled to Australia Zoo – Home of the Crocodile Hunter to see all sorts of wonderful animals from Australia and the world. Some cuddled koalas while others took photos with kangaroos of fed young animals in the Animal Nursery – all of them had a great time.