Chieko travels to Noth Queensland

My Birthday

Hello,  I’ve been busy recently.
I thought I would get a farm job easily as long as I went to Bundaberg before I came here but the weather wasn’t good this year so some of farming areas have smaller crops of vegetables than usual. Bundaberg’s workers hostels arrange  jobs but some of hostels don’t have enough jobs for workers at this time. The hostel where I stay in sometime has a few people on standby for work so I’m lucky to get job.
Anyway thank you letting me know about the job on Fraser Island but unfortunately I’m going to north after I get a scuba diving license.  I’ll go to the Town of 1770, Airlie Beach, the Whitsunday Islands, Townsville and then Cairins. I wasn’t interested in the Whitsunday Islands before I came to Australia, but when I was staying in Caloundra some people recommended those islands so now I really fancy going there. I told someone I met on the road about this need to go to the Whitsundays and they said the reason why I must go there is because my soulmate (future husband!?) must be waiting for me there – so I really have to go. I hope I’ll find a job around there. See you!


Also check out Cheiko’s early adventures on this website FRASER ISLAND FUN from 26 March 2008

Magali loved her stay in Caloundra

Hello everybody !!
Sorry but, since I arrived in New Caledonia I’ve been very busy !! I wanted to send you some news earlier but….days are too short!!!
Nevertheless,I  often thought about you  during the last days..
I really enjoyed my experience at G.V, with all of you. My stay in Caloundra was very pleasant and I’m very happy to have met you. I really would like to continue the class (I defitively have to improve my English!!)…. 
I hope that ,on Tuesday, your test was not too difficult !!!
I wish you the best for the future.
Thank you Patty for welcoming me, for your attention, your happyness, and all of others qualities which make you an excellent teacher !!
Thank you Kris for your kindness and your great humour !!
Thank you Maria for your joyfulness and your spontaneity .(I think that tomorrow is your last day at G.V.Have a good trip and….perhaps, one day, we’ll meet together in… ROME!!)  
And you, Michael, thank you for your smile, your youthfulness  and ‘ton excellent français’!!
Of course,I haven’t forgetten the others students, Beata, Andre, Ricardo and YuKa!!!
I’ll send you some photos of Noumea next time.
Bye bye !!!   and …..’SEE YOU’!!!

Crocs put up a great fight, but are defeated by Noosa


Top Left: Leonado the linesman with a flag in one hand and a beer in the other. Top right: I didn’t want to give up the shield to Noosa. Bottom left: The Noosa captain is carried high. Bottom Right: The winning team

The Caloundra Crocs played great football against GV Brisbane and GV Noosa.  It was a fantastic winter’s day to play. The sun was quite hot and the ground was terrific.

The first match was between GV Noosa and GV Caloundra. It was an exciting match and ended up a tie 1-1.

In the second match the Crocs played GV Brisbane and managed to win 4 – 2.  Ricardo was the top goal scorer. Crocs fans went crazy at the result.

In the third match GV Noosa scored 4 goal to GV Brisbane’s 2.

The final result was that GV Noosa won their matches by a greater margin than Caloundra and so won the competion.  And while Noosa may have won the shield I think that Caloundra had the best fans, and the best chanting. Special thanks goes to Patty for looking after the barbecue even when there were thousands of hungry students hanging around for a sausage and beer. Thanks also to Sori for helping Patty.

Finally three cheers for all the great players on the Crocs team and on the other teams. In November there will be another big game and a chance for Caloundra to regain the Global Village Tri School Shield.



I love Cairns

Have you ever travelled yourself?
Acutually, I hate tours, but I love travelling by myself.
I have to make a plan, make bookings, stay camping.
I have to do everything myself! Even cook meals.
It’s not easy, but it’s so interesting, and of course, it’s freedom, isn’t it?
I’m writing about my recent journey below.
I’ve just been to Cairns for 9 days.
I visited three World Heritage Sites.
They are: the Big Waterfall, the Rainforest and of course, the Great Barrier Reef!!
Do you know?
The sea world is different to the world we live on.
I went diving and snorkling for a long time.
I couldn’t return our world too soon, because the sea world was really beautiful.
I could see even 40 metres in front of me. No way!!
In a year, I’ll get a diver’s licence, and then I’ll go there again.
Anything else??
I didn’t only go diving, but also rafting.
It’s a craz y activity, but really fantastic!!
After I went back to backpackers, I was still hot!!
You can battle with nature through rafting.
For the final three days, I hired a car, and then I went around 6 water falls, crater, lake, zoo and special park.
I can’t write anything more, so I just want to say….
‘ Go yourself !!’
Don’t forget that someone who make your life is you!!
thank you for reading.

ENGLISH ONLY – yellow card : warning – red card : you’re out

When you enroll as a student at Global Village Caloundra you sign the “English Only Agreement” that says that you will only use English in class and in the school.  Recently students have complained that some students are lapsing back into their own languages instead of using English.

 To enforce this rule the college is using the same system that is used in football (soccer).  We are bringing in Yellow and Red Cards to warn students who are breaking the rules. 


If you break the “ENGLISH ONLY” rule you will be warned with a Yellow Card.  You may be given a Yellow Card by any teacher if they find you speaking another language in class, in the common room or on the school grounds.


If you have been given a Yellow Card and are discovered speaking another language AGAIN you will be given a Red Card. A Red Card means you must leave your class OR you you may be asked not to attend your next class OR you may be asked to leave the college grounds.

Mark and Karen hit Saigon

Hello everyone at GV Caloundra, just a quick message to let you know where we are. We are currently in Saigon, Vietnam after spending a few days in Hong Kong. After a very hectic time packing and preparing for our trip we flew from Brisbane to HK on the 26th May for a few days of RnR before hitting SE Asia. We had a great time in Honkers but definitely want to return because our short stay did not do justice to all this amazing city has to offer.

True to form we ended up on the harbour shortly after arrival which is spectacular at night with just block after block of high-rise buildings (30 stories looks small) all lit-up at night with a laser show. Patty, Honkers is the place to go for fashion label shopping with big discounts but if you really want the ‘genuine’ copies you need to head to the markets and get an invitation to a back room up several flights of stairs with guards on the door! That is where you can buy Prada, LVT and other brands at a fraction of the list price. Saigon (HCMC) is a complete contrast to HK with cheap-as-chips products in markets and on the streets everywhere but with none of the sophistication and class of HK. Everything and everyone is into deals with Western tourists an easy target but so far we have only been ripped-off once, the cab from the airport, where despite Karen’s best negotiating skills (she had half the cabbies at the airport lined-up comparing prices) we still paid about 2x the going rate but when it only costs you $10 it was a cheap lesson learnt.

So far we love Saigon and have met some really nice, kind, genuine people but can understand why others do not take to the city as much of it is run-down and dirty. Today was Karen’s birthday and we celebrated in style but still spent a fraction of what it would cost in Oz, also did the Chu Chi tunnels tour which was very interesting but very hot and sweaty.Tomorrow we are off to the Mekong Delta then north to Hoi An, Hue, Hanoi and Halong Bay before bussing it to Laos and Thailand. It definitely seems like it was the right move to book tours and travel once we arrived here as it is much, much cheaper than pre-booking from Oz. Good hotel rooms in Saigon (with a/c, a must) can be had for less than $20/night and fabulous meals for under $5 including a beer! There are also many English teaching opportunities in this city with all the locals keen to learn or improve their English. Hope all is well at GV Caloundra and will send you an update and some pics in a few days.
Cheers, Mark & Karen