Renat celebrates his birthday Korean style


Renat, our lively Russian, had his birthday this week and of course we had a cake for him and a candle and sang “Happy Birthday To You”.  However he was quite surprised by his Korean birthday present which was a LIGHT kick to the back or bum.  Don’t worry, he wasn’t hurt.  Our Korean boys say they do this to all their friends as a strange birthday ritual and that is a good thing to do, although they didn’t really explain why.

Renat ended the day with a party thrown by his homestay parents. He may have had a few too many drinks because he didn’t turn up for class the next day.

Happy Bithday Renat!

Ricky is living a dream life

Hello Patty! Andy! Karen! Mark! and Alll!!
How are you all?!
I am always fine! I am at DayDream Island with Yula and Jason.
Even though I have spent great time here at DDI, I always miss Caloundra which is my second hometown. Actually it’s my first one in Australia and I feel sorry for not contacting with my teacher Patty and my homestay parents Mark and Karen.
Say hello to everyone
I’ll be there someday, It won’t be long!

The end of an era – Schebellas say so long to Caloundra

Last Friday was a sad day as the school said goodbye to teachers Karen and Mark Schebella. We know they will be particularly missed by their students in The Elementary Class and the Intermediate Class.

They are leaving Caloundra at the end of the month and will travel to Europe and eventually South America where they hope to find some work teaching.

The students prepared an enormous card which I am sure they will value. All the students joined GV staff in seeing Mark and Karen off. There was the usual sausages in bread, beer and of course a few speeches, but surprisingly no tears.

We wish the Schebellas well and we hope they will keep us informed of their adventures by writing for this blog.