Remember me – I’m Asami

Please use my photos on the  blog.
I will be  happy to look them.
Anyway, my trip was the most unusual and fantastic time in my whole life.
I’m really a lucky chick!!!hehe
I went to Tassie, of course!  This was the best place.
We started to travel from Brisbane and went to Byron Bay, Ninbin, Newcastle, Sydney, Blue Mountains, Canberra, Melbourne, Tasmania, Great Ocean Road and Adelaide,,,,,etc.
We caught “The Spirit of Tasmania” ferry to Tasmania and we spent a week in Tassie.
All places were awesome, but I’m sure Caloundra is the best plase in Australia!
I miss Caloundra so much!!
Say hello to everyone.

Letter from Lisa before she leaves

Hey classmates

How are you? How is the school? I hope, you are not too naughty to the teachers;-))

My travel was great:-) I saw a lot of things. When we were on Fraser Island, I saw dolphins, we spent 2 days sailing by the Whitsunday Islands. We went to Magnetic Island, the Daintree River (croc-tour), Cape Tribulation and did snorkeling on the Great Barrier Reef ….. big tourist-program;-) It was so funny to travel with the wicked-camper: no shower, no toillet, only a small kitchen = great experience. My travel ends in Cairns. Then I left Cairns and my friends and I flew to Melbourne. I did the Great Ocean Tour (12 Apostles) and sightseeing in the city. And now, Im in Sydney and I am enjoying it here for the last 2 weeks before I go back to Switzerland. Maybe, I’ll make a stop in Thailand:-)

I look forward to hearing from you:-)

See you


Mark is in Melbourne

Hello everyone at GV Caloundra.  Certainly Melbourne is very different, but it’s going fine. I got a job very quickly teaching some Chinese teenagers. They are all beginners unfortunately.  I much prefer my old Pre Intermediate class.

I caught up with some ex-students a couple of weeks ago, namely Zenobia, Rhino and Hyemi. I also had an audition for the quiz show Temptation, but I haven’t heard back about it yet. You may see me on TV.

Give my regards to the gang and ask them to keep sending on as many photos as possible.
Thanks a million
(PS. The photo shows Mark singing an Elvis number at a school barbie last year)