Graduating Students 20.04.2018

Congratulations to everyone graduating today, it’s been great having you all apart of the #lexisfamily ✨ We wish you all the best!


Carlos is graduating from Dave’s Upper-Intermediate Class. IMG_2532His progress has been steady and consistent. He uses new language and grammar forms and self-corrects his mistakes. He was a pleasure to have in the class & will be missed. Good luck & all the best Carlos!

Pascal is graduating from Steve’s IELTS Class.IMG_2540He has worked really hard to apply his newly acquired English skills in his speech and writing. He has demonstrated the ability to use a variety of high-level grammar structures with reasonable accuracy. Good luck in your future Pascal!

Yuka is graduating from Jonny’s Intermediate Class. IMG_2539Yuka is a very bright and motivated student who is always trying her best and pushing herself to achieve more. She is engaged in learning English both in and outside of the classroom. She has a very positive and happy attitude and is well-liked by all the other students. We wish you all the very best Yuka!

Eva is graduating from Sheryl’s Pre-Intermediate Class.IMG_2541She is able to express herself clearly and her writing skills are good at this level. She works well with other students and participates in class activities. She worked hard in this class and received good results. Well done & all the best Eva.

Libor is graduating from Owen’s Elementary Class.IMG_2537IMG_2538It was a lot of fun getting to know him and to learn about all of his travels. He had an amazing commitment to his studies. We wish you all the best in your future Libor!

New Students 16.04.2018

A very warm welcome to Tiago, Cintia, Marien, Inlandi, Akari & Masara. We hope you enjoy your time with us on the beautiful Sunshine Coast!16.04.2018

Tiago is from Salvador, Brazil where he worked as a Lawyer. He is here to improve his English skills and chose to come to Australia because of the friendly people, relaxed atmosphere and because it is far from his home country.

Cintia is from Salvador, Brazil where she worked as a Civil Servant at a Public School and also studies creative writing in her spare time. She wanted to come to Australia to study English because of the nice atmosphere, climate and the friendly people.

Marien is from Valencia, Spain where she was an Industrial Engineer. She has been here for 8 months and she really likes Australia because of the people,  beaches, landscape and the weather is similar to Spain.

Inlandi is from Medan, North Sumatra where she was an Indonesian Teacher. She is here to study English as it helps her see things from a different perspective and she is wanting to get a deeper understanding of another culture. She wanted to come to Australia as it is a land of sun, sand & beaches and because of the modern national living in terms of education.

Akari is from Hokkaido, Japan where she is studying Commerce at University. She is here because she wants to improve her English and chose to come to Australia because of the beautiful beaches.

Masara is from Kyoto, Japan. He has come over to Australia to work, meet new people, make lots of friends and to improve his English.

Graduating Students 13.04.2018

Congratulations & farewell to Miroslav, Mariana & Vivi.
We hope you enjoyed you time at Lexis Sunshine Coast. All the best!!

Miroslav & Mariana are graduating from Jonny’s Intermediate Class.IMG_2308Miroslav has improved all skill sets a lot over his time here at Lexis, particularly his speaking & listening. He was always a very active member of the class and was always willing to participate. He has been a popular student and has made all efforts to progress outside the class as well. Well done Miroslav, all the best for your future!

Mariana is an attentive and bright student who always makes an effort in class. She contributes to discussions and works well with other class members. She has been making good progress, especially with her speaking. Good luck in Brisbane Mariana!

Vivi is graduating from Peter’s Intermediate Class. IMG_2307IMG_2309Vivi has been a pleasure to teach and will be missed. She has attained good speaking and listening skills and should feel comfortable in most every day situations. Thank you Vivi & all the best!


New Students 09.04.2018

A very warm welcome to our 9 new students joining us at Lexis Sunshine Coast today! We hope you have an amazing time on the Sunshine Coast and an even better time here at Lexis 💫09.04.2018Hiroyuki is from Kagoshima, Japan where he was studying at Hokkaido University of Education. He is here because he wants to be an English Teacher in a Japanese High School so he would like to improve his English before continuing his studies. He chose to come to Australia because he likes the natural environment and the climate is similar to his town.

Megumi is from Tokyo, Japan where she worked as a Nurse. She is here as she needs to improve her IELTS score to go to an Australian University. She chose to come to Australia because of the warm weather and the beautiful beaches.

Romain is from Auch, France where he worked as a Project Manager in Sport Event Management. He is here to improve his English & to meet new people. He chose to come to Australia to discover the country and new culture.

Maria is from Milan, Italy where she was a Trainee Lawyer. She is here because she needs to improve her English for her job because she worked at an international Law Firm. She chose to come to Australia as she was looking for a place where she could both improve her English and discover a new country with different habits and culture.

Manuel is from Bern, Switzerland where he worked as an Electrician but was in the Swiss Army for a year before coming to Australia. He is here to improve his English for himself and for his studies in the future. He wanted to come to Australia to explore the country after finishing his eight week course – his friends were here and told him it was great.

Mayu is from Chiba, Japan where she just finished High School. She is here to study because her English teacher recommended it and chose Australia because she likes the animals and nature.

Yaxuan is from Hebei Province, China where she worked in Tourism, Hospitality & Event Management. She is here to study and improve her English before taking the IELTS Exam.

Monika is from Legionowo, Poland where she worked as an Accountant. She is here because it was always her dream to come to Australia and she would like to be fluent in English.

Apisit is from Phathumthani, Thailand where he was learning Mechanics. He is here because he wants to understand the English language and chose to come to Australia because it has a good society and because his Mum is here.


Graduating Student’s 06.04.2018

Congratulations to our graduating students that finished Lexis Sunshine Coast on Friday, we will miss you!

Juan is graduating from Anne’s Cambridge Advanced ClassIMG_2260IMG_2262Juan responded well to the challenges in CAE and offered interesting ideas and opinions. He displayed a positive attitude and interest in progressing his skills. Good luck in your Business Course Juan, see you around!

Yukiyo is graduating from Patricia’s Pre-Intermediate Class. (No Photo)
Yukiyo participated very well in class and it has been very nice seeing her confidence grow. We wish you the very best for your future Yukiyo!

Silvana & Jorge are graduating from Dave’s Upper-Intermediate Class.IMG_2261Silvana’s English has improved a lot since the beginning of her course. She is able to express complex thoughts and ideas about complex topics in a measured, balanced and accurate way. Best of luck Silvana!

Jorge is a disciplined student who participated greatly in class and always helped others. It was great to see a student favour English discourse over his native tongue. Good luck Jorge!

Nitchapan is graduating from Steve’s IELTS Class.(No Photo)
Nitchapan has put a lot of effort into improving her English skills and has gained confidence in both speaking and writing. She has also developed a basic understanding of IELTS strategies. Good luck & all the best in your future Nitchapan!