New Students 24.11.2017

A very warm welcome to our seven new students joining the #lexissunshinecoast family! We hope you have the best time with us here on the beautiful Sunshine Coast! ✨12

Ming in from Sichuan Chengdu, China where he was also a High School Student. He is here to improve his English and then go to an Australian High School.

Li Chenchen is from Shanxi Xian, China. He is here to learn English and then go onto an Australian High School.

Jia Xin is from Shanxi Xian, China where he was a High School Student. He is also here to study English and go to an Australian High School.

Rafael is from Belo Horizonte, Brazil where he works as a Civil Engineer. He is here to improve his English for his work and chose Australia as he believes it is a very organised country.

Thanh Tu is from Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam where she was a student at High School. She is here because she believes Australia is a beautiful country with high-quality education and chose Lexis because there are more than 20 nationalities here!

Jiye Cha is from Ulsan, South Korea. She has come to Australia to work & learn English and has been told that Lexis School Teachers are the best! She also loves Australia’s natural landscape and the beautiful beaches.

Mai is from Oita, Japan where she worked at a Call Center for a Cosmetic Company. She is here because she wants to improve her English skills as she wants a job that uses English. She loves nature and animals and chose this school to be near the beach as she wants to try surfing!




Graduating Students 17.11.2017

Congratulations & farewell to the 5 students graduating from Lexis Sunshine Coast today. Thank you for being a part of the #lexisfamily , you will all be missed! IMG_6341IMG_6340Elly is graduating from Peter’s Intermediate Class. She has been a pleasure to have in class and has made excellent progress. She has very good speaking skills and should feel confident about managing every day situations. All the best in your future Elly!IMG_6342IMG_6339Larysa is graduating from Kate & Emily’s Elementary Class. She is an excellent team member of the class and is always willing to help others. Sh has grown so much in confidence throughout the past few months. Her high test results reflect her massive improvement. We wish you all the best Larysa!IMG_6346Patricia is graduating from Dylan’s Pre-Intermediate Class. She always completed her work and studies to a high level and made valuable contributions to the class. She has been a wonderful student & will be missed. Good luck Patricia!IMG_6309Janine is graduating from Simon’s Cambridge FCE Class. She has been a pleasant and hard-working student and always completed tasks willingly. She was an absolute pleasure to have here at Lexis and will be missed by her classmates. Best of luck in the future Janine!IMG_6343IMG_6344IMG_6338Yu is graduating from Steve’s FCE Class. She has put a lot of effort into her studies and has made significant improvement in all of her English skills. She has been with Lexis since the start of the year and will missed by everyone here. all the best for your future Yu!

Mount Coolum Climb

On Wednesday afternoon Lexis Sunshine Coast Students embarked on a hike up the of beautiful Mount Coolum. What a picture perfect day it was… with 360 degree views from the top of the whole Sunshine Coast area, this short 30 minute hike up the mountain is the best way to experience these beautiful views of this lovely region!IMG_6293


Thanks for coming along guys & girls!

New Students 13.11.2017

A big welcome to our new students, we hope you have a wonderful first day here at Lexis Sunshine Coast!13.11Sungbin is from Seoul, South Korea where he was majoring in Clothing & Textiles at University. He is here as he wants to improve his English speaking abilities and chose Australia because of the nice weather.

Vincent is from Fribourg, Switzerland where he was in Secondary School. He is here to improve his English for his future studies in Economics and decided on Australia because of the sun & beaches.

Kohei is from Yamanashi, Japan where he was studying Culture at University. He is here because he wants to speak English fluently and also wants to travel the world using his English. He chose Australia because of it’s multiculturalism, and he can and learn and enjoy other cultures and make some new friends.

Joseis from Barcelona, Spain where he works for an Airline. He is here because he has always wanted to get to know this country & would also like to improve his English.

Jing Wen is from Henan, China where she was a High School Student. She is here to attend an Australian high school next year as she loves Australia.

Sergi is from Vilafranca del Penedès, Spain where he works in IT Technologies. He is studying English because he believes it is important for his future professionally & personally. He chose to come to Australia as he wanted a new adventure away from home.

Nao is from Nagasaki, Japan where she worked as a Nursery School Teacher. She chose to come to Australia as she thinks it is a really nice place and wants to make lots of new friends.

Be sure to give them a warm welcome if you see them around the school 🙂

Cambridge Classes at Lexis Sunshine Coast

IMG_1312Our Cambridge classes only have 3 weeks of study left until they take their exams. They’ve been working hard, but are still smiling and having fun. With views like this from the classrooms no wonder they are happy! If you’re thinking of taking a Cambridge class in 2018 why not make the beautiful Sunshine Coast your destination of choice? We promise that you will be smiling in week 10 of your course as well – just like these guys.

Graduating Students 10.11.2017

A big congratulations to our graduating students at Lexis Sunshine Coast today.
Thank you for being a part of the Lexis Family. We will miss you all!IMG_6177

Maria is graduating from Peter’s Intermediate Class. She has been an absolute pleasure to have here at Lexis and has made great progress. She has excellent speaking skills and has improved her writing and listening abilities. All the best Maria, you will be missed by everyone here!IMG_6174Trinidad is graduating from Simon’s FCE Class. She has been a pleasant and hard-working student during her time here. She can use her English creatively and communicate in a variety of situations. Good luck in your future Trinidad!IMG_6176Tiago is graduating from Sonia & Liz’s Upper-Intermediate Class. He demonstrates control of the language and is always focused in class. We wish you all the very best in your future Tiago!

Fabia is graduating from Sally’s Intermediate Class. She is a highly motivated student with great achievements. She participated fantastically through her course. We wish you all the best for your travels & future!

Sira is also graduating from Sally’s Intermediate Class. She always interacted well with other students, was highly motivated and her participation throughout the course has been excellent. All the best & good luck Sira!

Melbourne Cup Day Fun

Melbourne Cup Fashion Parade at Lexis Sunshine Coast 🐎💐

We had a tie for Women’s Best Dressed between Welyda & Julia, as you can see they both looked so beautiful we just couldn’t choose a winner!IMG_6085IMG_6081IMG_6052

Soleman made it easy to chose Best Dressed Man – looking very handsome in his suit!IMG_6106IMG_6107IMG_6076And we can’t leave out Juan who won Best Hat!Untitled

Thank you to everyone that participated you all looked amazing & made our afternoon super fun!

After our Fashion Parade we got to watch the Melbourne Cup together and enjoy a delicious afternoon tea. Again thank you to everyone who came along and enjoyed a wonderful afternoon celebrating the Melbourne Cup!