Fresh faces 24/04/2017

A big welcome to our new students at joining us on the Sunshine Coast today!


Kairi is from Japan where she is a student studying to be a flight attendant. She is here to study because she will need English for work in the future.

Yuto is also from Japan where he works as a Veterinarian. He wants to improve his English to get his Veterinarian License in Australia. He also wants to surf and travel while here!

Kyra is from Belp, Switzerland where she is a Nurse. She has chosen to come to Australia to study so that she can speak better with people, read papers in English and because it is easier to travel.

Joel is from Thusis, Switzerland where he works as a Carpenter. He is wanting to learn English because he likes to speak it and he may need it in the future for work, he chose Australia because he thinks it is a great country.

Nitchapan is from Bangkok, Thailand where she wants to work in a big company. She is here because she believes her English is very low and she thinks Australia is a beautiful country.

Anchalee is from Pathumthanee, Thailand where she works as a Golf Caddy. She is here because she wants to be able to speak to people in English and to understand it.

Patrick is from Switzerland, he is here to learn English to use for travelling!

Natthanan is from Chonburi, Thailand where he builds Condominium’s with his father. He is here to study English because where he lives has many foreign people and he chose to study in Australia because it is a beautiful safe country 🙂


We hope you had the best first day! ✨

Surf Lesson 21/04

On Friday afternoon nine students were lucky enough to head down to Cotton Tree beach for a surf Lesson with the awesome team at Maroochy Surf School!


Although it was a little windy & overcast the waves were just perfect for beginners!

Nearly all the students managed to catch a wave & even stand up.


It was a perfect way to spend our Friday afternoon!

Remember we have surf lessons once a month, so if you haven’t tried it before we highly recommend that you do 🙂

Graduating Students 21/04/2017

A big congratulations to all of our graduating students at Lexis Sunshine Coast.
We are going to miss you all! Good luck in your next adventure 💙


Alex is from Brazil and is graduating out of peter’s Upper-Intermediate Class, he has been in Australia for seven months

What has been the best thing about coming to Australia/ Sunshine Coast & Studying at Lexis English?
“In my opinion was to get to know some friends and good teachers. It was a life experience for me. I’m so happy.”

Has your English improved since starting at Lexis & what tips would you give someone that wants to learn English?
“Yes. I have improved my English day by day in the school, on the street, in everywhere. My tip is to study hard but sometimes have some fun.” (awesome tip Alex!)



Honestly, there’s nothing worse than when a weekend rocks around and you’ve got loads of free time but your bank balance doesn’t wanna play ball. Srlsy, it’s just plain rude!

So to stop you wallowing over all those zeros filling up the screen, we’re going to put you out of your misery with 20 seriously awesome and FREE things to do on the Sunshine Coast this weekend. How many can you squeeze in?

1. Dust off that tutu and grab the coloured hair spray because Eumundi Markets is hosting the Pride Paws Parade for your glamorous pooches this Saturday.

2. Spend your Sunday at Cooroy Originals this weekend! It’s only happening four times this year, folks, so now is the chance. The Counterfeit Umbrellas, Tailor Birds, Phenix amd Jamie-Lee Griffiths Music are all taking to the stage, so head here from 12pm for a seriously relaxed Sunday sesh. Expect: buskers, food vans —including one of our faves, Vanteen—and a whole lotta bohemian vibes.

3. No money for a gym membership? No wakkas! Create your own DIY Bootcamp on Mooloolaba beach at dawn and convince your morning go-getter friends to join. #embracetheday

4. Calling all Sunshine Coast green thumb enthusiasts (screams into megaphone). Gather your succulents and leafy greens, and exchange them for something different at this awesome Plant Swap event in Caloundra.

5. If you loathe pre-loved well, EVERYTHING, then check out these op shops this weekend. Remember it’s free to window-shop, but if you wanna take something home—it’s gonna cost you.

6. Ignore TLC and go chase those waterfalls because they’re bloody beautiful and full of serenity. Oh and since we’re talking about serenity, stay in theme and check out Buderim’s Serenity Falls.

7. The Mooloolaba Collective Markets are happening this Sunday, so even if you’re saving your pennies, it’s still worth a wander through for those warm community feels. Ya know what we mean?

8. Connect with your inner zen, grab a book (we’re loving these new summer reads) and find a shady spot, preferably under a tree and close to the beach, just in case you want to go for a quick dip.

9. Nothing beats packing the Esky full of cold ones and luring your mates to a friendly game of beach cricket. Don’t forget the sunscreen and… loser buys the next slab!

10. We don’t know if you’ve heard, but behind The Boat Shed in Cotton Tree is a little beach with no waves; perfect for those who hate being dumped or swallowed by currents.

11. Bird watch and chant “cooee” along a chunk of the Sunshine Coast Hinterland Great Walk. Ahh! The serenity.

12. Watch the sunset from Point Cartwright. Need we say more?

13. Who doesn’t love a garden party? Do up a ridic cheese platter, then open your home to a rowdy bunch of alcoholics who you call your friends.

14. The Sunshine Coast Pride Festival has your entire weekend sorted from Friday to Saturday. Join in with the fun and activities and celebrate being awesome.

15. The beach. Seriously, we live on the Sunshine Coast. If you don’t love the beach … are you really living?

16. Grab a camera and take photos. Simple. You’d be surprised at how beautiful the coast is through a lens.

17. Create a bucket list for when you’re not poor! It builds saving momentum.

18. Sign up for a no-strings-attached trial at a gym. And then do the same next week at another gym. You’ll be fit and healthy before you know it.

19. Go exploring. Check out the prettiest walks on the Sunshine Coast. You’ll have buns of steel in no time.

20. Who doesn’t love chilling under the stars? Find a friend and a blanket and set up camp under the starry sky. Hey, you might even see a shooting star!

Image Credit: Amy Higg for Metropolist


Mount Coolum Climb


What a perfect afternoon we have yesterday! A group of Lexis Sunshine Coast Students took a challenging walk to the top of Mount Coolum…

As you can see once you get to the top it was sooo worth it! We got to see the spectacular 360 degree views of the coastal area, including Point Cartwright and the Glass House Mountains to the south, the Blackall Range to the west, and Noosa Heads to the north.


As well as the spectacular coastal views, there were also lots of native Australian plants & wildflowers. Mount Coolum rises 208m above sea level and is visible from many locations across the Sunshine Coast, it is of course the center of the Mount Coolum National Park.

Enjoy some of the photos we took yesterday which show the incredible landscape!


Make sure you put this on your list of things to do while your here! ⛰☀️

New Students 18/04/2017

A big warm welcome to our new students! We hope you have an amazing first day!


Here is a little bit about each of them to help you get to know them all…

Nicolas is from Bogota, Colombia where he is a student about to start university. He chose to come to Australia to study English so that he will be able to work as well.

Miho is from Hyogo, Japan where she works as an Occupational Therapist. She decided to come and study English because she wants to speak a language that other countries speak and chose Australia because she is shy and the people are friendly.

Deokyoeng is from In-Cheon City, South Korea and works at the International Airport there. He wants to learn English very well to be able to teach his sons which is why he has decided to come to Australia to study!

Tomoyuki is from Chiba, where he works as a Nurse. He chose to come and study English in Australia because he wants to go to the many beautiful places here.

Maiko is from Japan, where she goes to High School. She chose to study English because her dream is to be a flight attendant and she traveled to Australia last year and thought it was a beautiful place so decided to come back to study.

Rahel is from Sirnach, Thurgau in Switzerland where she works as a Nurse. She wants to study English because she needs it for travelling and came to Australia to do it because she heard a lot of good things!

Eri is from Chiba, Japan where she just finished High School. She chose to come to Australia to study because she wants to speak English well and also wants to work with English in the future.

Ina is from Sao Paulo, Brazil where she works as a Lawyer. She is studying English because she needs it for her job and chose Australia because she has family here.

Nao is from Osaka, Japan where she is at University currently majoring in Business Administration, she is especially interested in entrepreneurship. She wants to use her English skills in her future and she chose Australia to study in because she loves the atmosphere.

Reo is from Nagano, Japan where he was studying Plant Psychology at University. He chose to study English because he wants to work abroad, and the reason he is doing it in Australia is because of the nice weather and his mother’s friend lives here so he gets to stay with them.

Karoline is from Florianopolis, Brazil where she is a Law and Designer Fashion Graduate. She chose to come to Australia to study because it is a beautiful country!

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