End of Semester

Finishing Semester 3 with an International Lunch, which was amazing! Thank you for bringing dishes from all over the world and sharing them with each other. You all did such a great job. Happy Friday everyone! 🇧🇷 🇯🇵 🇰🇷 🇹🇭🇨🇭 🇪🇸 🇮🇷 🇦🇺 🇸🇦 (& many more)IMG_4212IMG_4211IMG_4208

HSP Student Profile: Haruka

On Tuesday Terrie from Coolum State High School came to visit Haruka from Japan who is currently studying in our High School Preparation Class. She was given lots of information & is excited to start at Coolum High School at the beginning of July ☺️
Now here is a little bit of information about Haruka…IMG_4229

Full Name: Haruka Uezu

Nickname(s): Haru, U-chan

About me: Hello, my name is Haruka. I was born May 19th in Japan. I have a brother. He want to be a motorcycle racer. My hobbies are eating and watching movies. My favorite English actors are Angelina Jolie and Michelle Rodriguez.

Why are you studying English: The reason why I study English is to speak English well because my dream is to be a hotel concierge. To become hotel concierge, you must speak another language, so I am studying English.

Which high school you will go to after Lexis: Coolum State High School in Australia.

A special skill or talent you have: I Can do kendo.

Your most embarrassing moment:  I broke my host family’s toilet.

Your favorite place in the World: Big Island in Hawaii

Something you don’t want your mother to know: I bought expensive clothes.




Graduating Students 25.05.2018

Congratulations to our graduating students at Lexis Sunshine Coast. You have all been such a wonderful part of the #lexisfamily & will be missed by all.

Peet is graduating from Peter’s Intermediate Class.IMG_4226IMG_4222Peet has been a fantastic and popular member of the group. He worked well in pair and group work. He can manage most everyday situations but has to continue to listen and practise speaking as much as possible when he goes back to Thailand. He has been a pleasure to teach and will be missed! All the best for the future, Peet!

Jiravut is graduating from Simon’s FCE Class.IMG_4224Jiravut is an interesting and well-mannered student who gets along well with others. He made some valued contributions to class discussions and has interesting and creative writing. Good luck in the future Jiravut!

Alexandr & Bruno are graduating from Jonny’s Intermediate Class.IMG_4223Alexandr is a very respectful and kind student. He interacted well with other class members and always made an effort to join in class discussions. All the best with the Business Course!

Bruno is a highly motivated and bright student who always made an effort in speaking exercises and became a popular member of the class. He made great improvements in his speaking. Good luck & all the best Bruno!

Gilles is graduating from Sheryl’s Pre-Intermediate Class.IMG_9595Gilles worked so incredibly hard during his time at Lexis. He completed his homework and participated in class activities. His class will really miss him. Best wishes Gilles!

Benjamin, Tatpiya & Cristiana are graduating from Steve’s IELTS Class.IMG_4217

IMG_4225Benjamin was only in the class for two weeks yet he has demonstrated proficiency in all his English skills. He can use an extensive range of vocabulary with precision & fluency. Good luck in your IELTS Exam, we wish you all the very best!

IMG_4221Tatpiya has made excellent progress in all her English/ IELTS skills, especially in writing and reading. She has also demonstrated a sound understanding of test strategies and gained confidence in her speech. All the best Tatpiya!

IMG_4220Although Cristiana has also only studied IELTS for two weeks, she contributed regularly to class discussions and demonstrated the ability to produce a high level of lexical knowledge and accuracy. We wish you all the best Cristiana!

Successful Job Hunting

Congratulations to Juliane, she is a Supervisor at Subway and has just got herself another job at a Clothing Retail Store at the Sunshine Plaza. Just goes to show that hard work always pays off!Juliane If you are looking for a job on the Sunshine Coast, don’t give up! Juliane has said there are a few jobs advertised at the Sunshine Plaza so if you are looking for one head along to the Job Workshop this afternoon with Annie and get your resume ready!


A very warm welcome to this wonderful bunch! We hope your time with us at Lexis Sunshine Coast is everything that you expected & more!21.05.2018.JPG

Xiang Is from Shenzhen, China where he was at High School. He is here to improve his English before going to an Australian High School.

Frank is also from Shenzhen, China. He is here to accompany his son Xiang and to improve his English as well.

Lizbeth is from Cancun, Mexico where she worked as an Architect. She is here to improve her IELTS skills to be able to pass the exam for further studies. She decided to come to Australia because her two brothers live here & because it is a beautiful country.

Yili is from Su Zhou, China where she was a student at High School. She is also here to improve her English before attending and Australian High School. She decided to come to Australia because it is a beautiful country, very safe & the people are very nice.

Raquel is from Rio Claro, Brazil where she worked as a Bank Manager. She is here because she never studied English before and believed it was better to study in a different country. She chose Australia because she loves it here. The beaches are amazing, and there is a lot of cultural diversity.

Matheus is also from Rio Claro, Brazil where he had his own business. He is studying English as he wants to live here in Australia for a while & to travel the world. He decided to come to Australia because of the beautiful beaches and because there are lots of places to see.

Maria’s Lexis Sunshine Coast Experience!

Maria TestimonialMy first weeks on the Sunshine Coast and Lexis English I felt really at home. I was looking for a quiet place where I can relax, enjoy the amazing beaches and meet new people from different countries. The Sunshine Coast offered me what I was looking for. In addition, I realised soon that Lexis Sunshine Coast is a great school, with quality teachers and an amazing view of the beach.

I choose the Sunshine Coast because I knew that there was a great mix of students and also because of the beautiful beaches and environment.

I love the Sunshine Coast because I can experience the real Australian lifestyle, and the local people here are ‘easy-going’, relaxed and welcoming.

I love my classroom experience thanks to the small number of students in the classes, and the quality of the teachers make the lessons fun and engaging.

I have future plans to travel back to Italy however in the near future I will be applying for a post-graduate degree in Sydney, Australia.