Sunset Classes Surfing Activity last Friday.

“Good morning everyone” from a white-sanded beach with crystal-clear water and the beautiful sun shining down on the lovely students in the afternoon “Sunset Classes.” This is the reason why we came to Australia, isn’t it?

Our class starts at 1:00 pm every day. Imagine joining our class, what would you do in the morning? No more waking up early.
Do you want to have a lie in until midday? NO WAY!!!
We should be ready for action by at least 9:00 am. However, the activities don’t officially start until 11 am. So you can have a lie-in, do some homework, read a book or cook a healthy breakfast. What would you do instead of being in class?
Last Friday, we all went to the beach at Cotton Tree with our awesome teacher Simon and cheerful international friends; Job, Joel, Mariel, Andreita, Liz, Adriana and Gaia. We met up at 11 am. Simon brought two surfboards and two body-boards for us.
“Let’s go to the beach!!!” we all chanted.
At the beach, the girls were lying on the beach improving their suntan and chatting with each other.
The boys were trying to surf as Simon was teaching them how to catch a wave.
“How wonderful this day is!” I thought.
On the soft, sandy beach, we were able to just relax and have fun.
We got a tan of course, which will be a reminder to us of this enjoyable morning.
Oh! In the end, the boys got the hang of surfing! Bravo!
They also seemed to have a great time in the sea.
In the blink of an eye, the time to go to class had come!
It was already 12:30 pm!! Time flies when you are having fun.
We felt refreshed as we slipped on our clothes for school.
Do you think it is a good idea to go to the beach before school?– I can definitely say “yes”.
In fact, we could concentrate in class better than usual.
Summer is coming. Are you ready to join us yet?
Atsuko Sasaki

Afternoon Classes SUP Activities. Written by Ana from Brazil

Last Wednesday, Simon escorted some students, Ana, Atsuko, Giovanna, Kate, Joel and Job to Cotton Tree to try Stand Up Paddle-boarding (SUP). They couldn’t have chosen a better day. It was warm, sunny and no wind at all. Just perfect.

We hired two boards for $25/hour. It was enough for everyone to have a go paddling, and have fun. The best part of the experience was when we crossed over to a sand island. We had to share the boards, two people on one board, and help each other get there. “Teamwork makes your dream work.”

It was a wonderful experience and it’s something that everyone should try. It’s easy to learn and a great way to work out your body. Summer is coming.


Thanks Ana. That is a fantastic blog. And if any students want to come join the fun, see Simon, Christie or Sharon. We would love to have you join us.  🙂