Jin’s Secret to Happiness

In a moment of weakness this week, Jin spoke Korean for 5 seconds and got apprehended by the English Only police, aka his lovely teacher Ellie. To make amends for his crime, he wrote a beautiful essay detailing his insight into his parent’s successful 30-year marriage. With his promise to speak only English from now on, we are confident that Jin will not be a repeat offender. Well done Jin!


Meet the Student


Today I caught up with Ludovic (Ludo) from New Caledonia who is currently studying in our Pre-Intermediate Class. Check out what Ludo had to say.

What is your favourite thing about Lexis Sunshine Coast?

The people are so friendly and it is so good to learn English.

Why did you come to Australia to study English?

I came because it is so close to New Caledonia, the people are friendly and I love Australia.

How are your teachers and classes at Lexis Sunshine Coast?

Very good, super helpful!

Would you recommend Lexis English to other students?

Yes, my cousin is coming in December. It is very good to learn in a stress free beautiful place. I like all the staff – they are so kind!

High School Prep Graduate

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Today we farewell one of our High School Preparation students Soshi.

Soshi has been at Lexis Sunshine Coast for 12 weeks and has had a great time here and has met students from all over the world and made many life long friends.

Soshi is off to begin his next chapter in an Australian High School!

We wish him all the very best and will miss him and his huge smile!