Study Suggestions to Improve your English

If you would like to improve your pronunciation, expand your vocabulary and use grammar accurately, keep a language diary. Whenever you are speaking English and someone does not understand you, write it down! Take notes on when it happened, where it happened, what you said and who you were talking to. Take your diary to your teacher or to GIL class and we will help you fix any communication issues :)

Study 4


‘Frizzaday’ for Lexis English Sunshine Coast Staff!

Frizzaday As a big thank you for all their hard work, Lexis English Sunshine Coast staff enjoyed a pizza Friday courtesy of the mad radio competition skills of their academic manager. For the first time in a long time all staff took the time to sit down and enjoy lunch together (note for management: school phone was diverted to my mobile).

It was a great opportunity to for admin and teaching staff to get together and the free pizza and garlic bread didn’t hurt either! This Friday shall go down in history as Lexis Sunshine Coast’s ‘Frizzaday’.  Thanks for all your hard work guys.