High School Preparation Program

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Lexis Sunshine Coast High School Preparation Program has begun with Soshi from Japan and Nidwaree from Thailand who will be joining local high schools later this year.

Our HSP students get lots of staff attention to supply them with skills they need to succeed in their Secondary education at local high schools on the Sunshine Coast.

Soshi says “It is very challenging at the moment. But I am so excited to meet Australian students and other international students studying at Coolum State High School. I will try my best to bring up my English because I know it would not be easy to study at local schools.  I am start getting attached to the Sunshine Coast. I would like to come back to do university as well on the Sunshine Coast”.

Meet the Student


Today I caught up with Kirii from Japan. Kirii is currently studying in our Pre-Intermediate Class. I asked Kirii a couple of questions about his time so far at Lexis. Check out what he had to say.

What is your favourite thing about Lexis Sunshine Coast?

Lexis is close to the beach and has a nice view.

Why did you come to Australia to study English?

I want to study in a great environment. There are a-lot of nice and kind people here.

How are your teachers and classes at Lexis Sunshine Coast?

They are very kind and friendly.

Would you recommend Lexis to other students?

Yes, because I really like Lexis and because I can go surfing every morning and afternoon.