Class Selfie Photo Winner


Last week each class was asked to take a Class Selfie Photo to participate in the Lexis Selfie Competition.

The winner for the Lexis Sunshine Coast Class Selfie Photo was our CAE class! The class will get to enjoy a class party at lunch time today!

Make sure you keep posting your selfie photos – Winner of the overall competition will be announced on Wednesday the 26th!

Agent visit at Lexis Sunshine Coast


It was such a pleasure to have Corinne from Globo-study and Nathalie from Linguista come and visit Lexis Sunshine Coast today!

It was great as they got to see the college during the lunch time break and see how the students interact with each other and then see them join their option class for an hour in the afternoon followed by the afternoon rush at 2pm as students are rushing to get to the beach and go for a surf!

It was lovely to meet you both!